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Samsung Television Remote Control

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  • Product: TV
    Description: Remote Control
    Specification: JASMINE,TM87C,Samsung28P+EEPROM,

    Supports the following models:
    HPS4233, HPS4253, HPS5033, HPS5053, HPS5073C, HPS6373, HPT4234, HPT5034, LN23R81BD, LN23S81BD, LN26R81BD, LN26S81BD, LN32R83BD, LN32S81BD, LN37R83BD, LN40R83BD, LN40S71BD, LN40S81BD, LN40T71BD, LN46M52BD, LN46S81BD, LNS2641D, LNS2651D, LNS2652D, LNS2738D, LNS3238D, LNS3241D, LNS3251D, LNS3252D, LNS3292D, LNS3296D, LNS3738D, LNS4041D, LNS4051D, LNS4052D, LNS4092D, LNS4692D, LNT2332H, LNT2342H, LNT2353H, LNT2632H, LNT2642H, LNT2653H, LNT3232H, LNT3242H, LNT325H, LNT325HA, LNT3732H, LNT3753H, LNT375HA, LNT4032H, LNT4042H, LNT405HA, LNT4642H, PL42C71HDP, PL50C71HDP, SPS4223, SPS4243
  • Genuine OEM Samsung Part
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